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Cardinal’s Continued Efforts resulted in:


Increase In Organic
(SEO) Website Visits


increase in overall

Sober Living Case Study

Sober Living America is a nonprofit organization that helps people overcome their addiction to drugs and alcohol by providing housing, recovery education, and employment opportunities all at an affordable rate. While there are other addiction recovery centers available, Sober Living America is about one-quarter of the cost for high-level quality services. However, while serving the southeast region with outstanding facilities in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and the Carolinas, Sober Living America was struggling to get their name out there.

Fortunately, Cardinal Digital Marketing thrives in using the internet to create brand awareness and get out in front of those people who desperately need their services.

– Increase brand awareness by:
– Giving a better website user experience to interested patients
– Targeting potential patients in specific locations

How Cardinal Helped People with Addiction Get on the Path to a Better Life

First, in working with Sober Living America, it was clear that its website needed a complete overhaul to better convey its services and make it easier for people to call or connect with the admirable nonprofit. To do this successfully, Cardinal performed onsite optimizations and keyword research, identifying the appropriate keywords to use in online content that would best attract their ideal audience.

Next, we got to work improving the website to align with SEO best practices, such as optimizing web page title tags, descriptions, image alt tags, and implementing schema markup (it’s amazing how taking the time to do these little things- and do them right- can drastically improve search engine rankings).

Along with the website adjustments, we made one of the most important changes- we optimized the website page load time.

Addiction Treatment Group Therapy

Did you know that people’s attention spans are so short these days that if they go to a website and it doesn’t load quickly then they just bounce out? At that point, you’ve lost them for good…

before, the website took


seconds to load

now it takes


seconds to load

Sober Living Website Performance

Google recognizes this as well and rewards you higher search engine rankings.

Then, we helped Sober Living America find potential patients within their locales

While it’s easy to implement ways to get more brand exposure, it was within Sober Living America’s best interest to use that to their advantage to attract the people who were most likely to use their services…which means using robust SEO methods to target qualified leads within their locale.

Therefore, Cardinal Digital Marketing helped Sober Living America create location-specific content to reach people within certain areas. Cardinal made unique location pages for each city that Sober Living America is present in while also following SEO best practices to rank for search terms like “sober living near me”.

Sober Living Website
Sober Living Website Call to Action

Cardinal’s first focus was to improve Sober Living America’s visibility through Google Search and Maps; and attract new patients to their website. However, once we got them there then we needed a way to continue the conversation with our website users.

Therefore, our team of topnotch Cardinal website design experts implemented some changes to help increase conversions, such as redesigning the homepage to:

– make calls to action more prominent, like putting a bouncing phone button at the bottom of the page, a nice “Contact us” button in the opposite corner and other design elements that easily catch your eye
– create a more logical flow of content so that users can easily find the information they are looking for and it’s clear to them the next action to take
– create more compelling and concise copy that persuades the user to take action

All these SEO improvements combined resulted in a:


Increase In Organic
(SEO) Website Visits


increase in overall

Search engine rankings jumped up:

Search Visibility Improvements Chart
Separator Line

And Sober Living America’s positions in mobile search rose to #1:

Rankings Tracked Keywords Overview
Did you notice how the “sober living near me” search term in Dunwoody, Georgia rose 50 spots in search engine rankings? Yeeww!
We’re proud of Sober Living America’s success and glad that Cardinal could help make a positive difference in people’s quality of life.

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