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How Does Programmatic Display Work?

Hospitals around the country use programmatic display advertising to reduce the manual labor needed to otherwise manage advertising costs. Essentially, programmatic display allows your hospital to automatically purchase display inventory based on different criteria, such as budget, timeline, and demographics. From there, we can use strategies like Real-Time Bidding (RTB) to focus your advertising budget on the people most likely to click your ads and convert.

How Display Advertising Works
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Why Hospitals Need a Programmatic
Display Advertising Agency

Paid search is expanding rapidly within the healthcare vertical, with more and more hospitals expanding their display advertising budgets. Yet, very few hospitals are maximizing their return on this essential marketing channel.

That’s where we come in.

At Cardinal, our team of display ad specialists will leverage proprietary software, real-time data, and advanced bidding techniques to deliver the ROI you expect from your advertising campaigns.

You choose how much you pay to target a specific audience with your ads.

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Programmatic Display Ad Case Studies

Learn the specific strategies and roadmaps we used to plan, launch, monitor,
and refine display advertising campaigns for hospitals just like yours.

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Swedish Covenant Hospital Case Study
Peconic Bay Case Study
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You Have a Typical Patient
We Know How to Reach Them

Custom Audience Targeting

Custom Audience Targeting

Segment your website traffic into specific groups to increase the relevancy (and impact) of your ads. Talk about the right message, to the right people, at the right time! This data can also be used to build powerful lookalike audiences that expand your reach by targeting brand new users who have similar online behavior to your existing customers.

Audience Retargeting

Automatic Retargeting

First party audiences (built off traffic to your site) can also be layered with any of the thousands of available audiences created by third party data providers. Whether you want to target stay at home moms or hardcore gamers, there is an audience segment out there for you.

A true data-driven approach, we create custom reports and back that data up with useful insights and action plans for your hospital’s advertising strategy.

Any Channel, Device, or Time

All of our programmatic display advertising strategies are optimized to maximize reach. Because your future patients will seek hospital information on their own terms, wherever they need to and whenever they need to, including the web, video, search, mobile, and other important channels. That means your ads need to be optimized to maximize conversion on all of these channels and devices, something our programmatic display programs will ensure.

Cross Channel Marketing
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Robust Analytics

Robust analytics & reporting

Thanks to advanced targeting and our proprietary marketing platform, we can provide you with data-rich reports and actionable insights on your campaigns, ads, target market, and buying patterns. With this information, we can constantly refine your advertising campaigns to maximize ROI.

Faster Time

Faster time to value

Programmatic advertising taps into the power of artificial intelligence (AI), which means your ad programs learn and get better with time—and they do it much faster than human beings can on their own. This highly targeted, multi-channel approach, powered by AI, creates impressive ROI in much less time than traditional digital advertising methods.

Coupled with the ability to literally serve a unique ad to every single person you want to target, our combination of programmatic advertising campaigns and big data as almost unstoppable.

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