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Boost occupancy by building a steady pipeline of qualified leads through an integrated SEO, paid search, and Facebook advertising strategy.

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An Omnichannel Approach to Marketing for Long-term Care Facilities

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted senior care operations, and more families are taking the search to find a long-term care facility into their own hands. That means that instead of relying on referrals, long-term care facilities need a direct-to-consumer digital marketing strategy if they want to build a consistent, reliable resident pipeline.

As a long-term care marketing agency, we’ll enhance your web presence, build brand awareness and trust, and help you show up when and where people look for long-term care services online.

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Social Media


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Web Design

Local SEO

Long-term care is a highly localized space, and the journey to find a nearby nursing home starts with online research. Members of the decision-making unit, such as spouses, children, or other family members, go to Google to research potential options and find answers to challenging questions.

Cardinal can help these families find your website through targeted search engine optimization that focuses on increasing your site’s search rankings for location-specific keywords and markets.

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Home Care Paid Search

Paid Search

Decisions related to long-term care can arise quickly, often after an unexpected surgery or turn in one’s condition. Paid search can be a cost-effective means for gaining that visibility when and where people need help ASAP. The key is to have well-optimized, properly structured campaigns backed by proven PPC best practices.

While the search for a long-term care facility starts online, families want to speak to the provider. We optimize search campaigns for mobile and phone calls, so it’s easy for prospects to get the information they need, schedule a tour, or discuss room availability.

Social Media Advertising

Another way to reach your audience may be through paid social advertising on a platform such as Facebook. Family members helping with the online search for long-term care may be active Facebook users, even if the patient is not. We use a full-funnel social media strategy that builds brand awareness, establishes credibility, and then nurtures prospects through the buyer’s journey. This approach improves conversion rates and keeps CPAs low.

Home Care Social Media Advertising
Home Care Web Design

Web Design

Before trusting you with their loved ones, families must feel confident that you can provide the level of care they expect. Your digital reputation is one of your most important assets.

You’ve worked hard to develop a reputation for providing quality long-term care services. Let us help you protect and maintain the reputation you value by developing a steady flow of positive reviews across platforms, responding to ratings and reviews, and leveraging glowing testimonials across your marketing channels.

Reputation Management

What do people looking for long-term services need to see on your website? Assuming you have comprehensive information about your different services, insurance, and contact information, are the pages well optimized?

Our web design team can bring even the most outdated and disorganized sites up to the latest best practices. That means an optimized, mobile-responsive website that will serve as a core pillar of your entire long-term care facility marketing strategy.

Home Care Reputation Management

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Work with an Agency Who Specializes in Senior Care

After so much time spent working in other systems for our long-term care clients, we decided to build our own proprietary marketing technology to serve them. Patient Stream uses powerful AI to analyze and optimize your marketing spend, including powerful reporting.

Double Patient Volume

Significantly Improve Lead Volume Without Increasing Spend

Identify low-return campaigns while using AI to automatically optimize toward the campaigns that are bringing in high-value patients at an efficient cost per acquisition.

Executive Level Reporting

Share Impactful Reporting to Your Executives

Give your CMO readable, shareable reports that highlight the performance metrics they care about. With Patient Stream, you can report on cost per patient, a fleeting yet powerful metric that few other healthcare marketing platforms can reliably

Patient Stream
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The State of Healthcare Marketing In 2021 Survey Report

To gain a better understanding of the current state of healthcare marketing, we surveyed more than 100 healthcare marketers and executives to learn how they’re navigating the post-pandemic world.

Download the full report to learn their top marketing priorities, challenges, and investments and what you need to do to stay competitive and grow your healthcare organization.

Work with an Agency Who Specializes in Skilled Nursing

2022 Senior Care Marketing Trends to Watch

Each year, we take an in-depth look at the most important digital marketing trends for the senior care industry. How is senior care marketing changing? What digital marketing strategies are most effective at reaching the senior population and their families? To engage prospects and keep pace with your competitors, read this blog post.

Complete Guide to Digital Marketing for Senior Care

I was recently asked by a marketer at a senior care provider (and prospective client) if they need PPC advertising. My answer was an emphatic yes. In some form or another, PPC can be a critical part of your broader digital marketing strategy and help you capture demand and build your lead pipeline.

Guide to PPC Best Practices for Senior Care

I was recently asked by a marketer at a senior care provider (and prospective client) if they need PPC advertising. My answer was an emphatic yes. In some form or another, PPC can be a critical part of your broader digital marketing strategy and help you capture demand and build your lead pipeline.

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