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Your business needs customers, not empty promises.
Call on a neighbor with a decade of experience driving SMB growth in Orlando.
We deliver SEO visibility that gets you to the top of Google search results.

Search engine optimization doesn’t have to be a mystery. You should be able to pinpoint every detail of your SEO campaigns at any moment. Cardinal has
proprietary software that helps you understand exactly what tactics we employ, and the results we’re driving. Most importantly, we measure success in
new customers, not mere traffic or ranking.

Cardinal SEO campaigns here in Orlando are engineered to not just drive organic traffic, but to accomplish a simple mission: deliver new customers
to your door. We tie search engine marketing campaigns directly into your CRM system, so that you know exactly which leads turn into sales. It’s all made possible by a custom software platform we developed, called LadyBug. LadyBug helps us generate 2X the sales of other SEO companies, and prove it.

Orlando is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. After all, it’s home to world-class theme parks like Disney World and Universal – not to mention the warm climate, golf courses, and excellent nightlife. With all the ongoing things in Orlando, do you have a plan to make your business stand out?

An Orlando SEO company can make all the difference in making your business more competitive.
Cardinal Digital Marketing is a full-service agency that offers a wide range of online marketing services. However, we started as an SEO agency and we’re proud of our talented SEO team. Let us take care of your SEO campaign and let the results speak for themselves.

Our Clients Love Us

"Cardinal’s ability to pull insights out of our data is far superior to other agencies."

On-site SEO Assessment

The foundation of every new campaign – 60 days of critical assessment. Cardinal shows up at your Orlando location to evaluate website health, everything from site speed to URL architecture. We investigate your competitors to see exactly where and how they have the advantage. Then we devise a game plan to get you where you deserve to be, at the top of Google search results.

On SEO Assessment
Link Building

Link Building

First, we get the foundation of your website squared away. Once that’s solid, we move on to the link-building phase: Cardinal generates topnotch content to elevate your brand. We place that content in the right hands and link it back to you. You get the credit and move up the search engine rankings.

5 Ways SEO Can Help Grow Your Business

Boost Inbound Traffic

While running traditional ads can be effective, it’s also very expensive. You should not only reach your target audience, but it should also be done in a cost-effective manner. For this reason, many people rely on SEO to market their businesses – mainly because SEO helps attract quality inbound traffic.
The best part about high-quality inbound traffic is that it’s targeted and can grow over time. Of course, this is provided that you can keep up with the maintenance.

Gain More Customers

When a business has a well-designed website and provides great content value to customers, it’s doing a great job of differentiating itself from the competition. However, such strengths won’t matter if customers can’t find the website. To keep your business afloat, you need a consistent flow of traffic from potential customers.

SEO helps you gain new customers because you’re targeting them as they search for your product or service. For example, if a user searches for the term “Orlando plumbing service” and you’ve done a good job of targeting that key phrase, there’s a good chance that you’ll rank for that keyword.
With a higher rank, potential customers are more likely to see your website and click on it. In a way, SEO makes it easy for customers to make purchase decisions.

Build Trust + Credibility

A well-developed SEO plan can help your brand build trust and credibility – both in the eyes of search engines like Google and your target audience. First, websites that appear on the first page of Google are perceived to be more trustworthy and have higher authority. Of course, this results in more targeted visitors that can convert into sales.

Improve Your Local SEO

When done right, local SEO can significantly grow your business. Why? These days, people go online when they want to know more about local businesses. In fact, 97% of customers look online for information about local businesses. This massive trend can be attributed to the fact that almost everyone uses mobile devices.

When you focus on local SEO, you’re optimizing your website to target potential customers within a geographic location. Therefore, you’re making it easier for local customers to find your website or business, and ultimately, make a sale.

Long-Lasting Benefits

One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional marketing like TV, print, and billboards is that they’re time bound. In other words, if you’re not able to generate results within that advertising window, your marketing bucks are as good as gone.

On the other hand, SEO allows you to make the most out of the massive real-estate of the Internet and stay at the forefront of your customers’ minds. In SEO, the results are longer-lasting and can keep up with the growth of your business. However, this is provided that you’re properly maintaining your campaign.

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Case Studies

Athlete's Foot
The Athlete's Foot Small Business Marketing
See how we helped a global footwear brand increase ROI by 301% in one quarter
Care Spot
Care Spot Case Study
Helping 56 Urgent Care Locations earn a clean bill of health
How we generated a blended cost per lead under $4.
Club Car
Club Car Case Study Logo
See how we DOUBLED Club Car’s click-through rate and helped increase their conversions 133%
Dental Works
Dental Works Case Study Logo
Helping 160 Dental Practice Locations earn the ROI they deserved
How we generated a 25% decrease in cost-per-conversion.
Papa John's
Papa Johns Logo
Revolutionizing Multi-Location Marketing through product innovation
How we generated 6 : 1 returns across all media.
Atlanta Brain and Spine
Improve your rankings with our SEO Company
Neurosurgeons increase their number of spine surgeries
How we generated 6 additional surgeries per month.
Digestive Healthcare of Georgia
Digestive Healthcare of Georgia
Helping Digestive Healthcare Practice boost their online presence
How we generated 100+ new leads per month.
Hilton Hotel
Hilton Digital Marketing Case Study
Integrating full Service Marketing for a growing Hotel Group
How we generated 73% increase in monthly revenue
Tropical Cafe
Tropical Cafe Logo
Helping Drive More In-store Traffic and Customers
How We Turned 17MM Impressions into a 100% Footfall Rate Increase
Tacomac Case Study Logo
How we successfully utilized social media to increase brand awareness and customer satisfaction..
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The Difference an Orlando SEO Company Makes

Top Notch Icon

Top Notch Google Visibility
You deserve to have every single prospect find you immediately on Google. So let’s make sure all roads lead straight to your business.

More Customers Icon

Land More Customers
Higher rankings and increased traffic are wonderful, but they’re not what matters. We count success in customers. Nothing else.

Increase ROI Icon

Increase Your ROI
It’s not cheap to invest in your SEO. Nothing worthwhile is cheap. Give it six months, and it’s a safe bet you’ll want to join 91% of Cardinal clients who stay past the 3-year mark.

Your Thought Partner Icon

Your Thought Partner
Cardinal is more than a local business partner. We aim to be a thought partner. We want you calling and dropping by the office with your newest idea. Let’s innovate for faster growth.

Reporting Software Icon

Reporting Software at Your Fingertips
Of course you’ll get monthly reports straight from our office, but you’ll also have non-stop access to our topnotch team, with 7+ years of experience.

Home Team Advantage Icon

Home Team Advantage
If you’re looking for local customers, it makes sense to get local help. Cardinal is an Orlando-based SEO company run by lifelong Orlando residents. We know this town.

Climb Google’s Local Results to Drive Local Customers

Many Cardinal clients run multi-location businesses, right here in Orlando. They thrive on a steady influx of local customers. Local SEO marketing demands a special approach – expertise in Directory and Reputation Management. It requires sophisticated techniques, and equally sophisticated software to drive the right local traffic to all your locations. Cardinal has ten years of experience delivering local SEO wins, using top-shelf software. We make it easy for nearby customers to find you.

Why Choose Cardinal as
Your Orlando SEO Company?

SEO Is Our Bread-And-Butter

Our humble beginnings are rooted as an SEO company, so we’ve been doing this for years and have helped hundreds of companies.

Highly Targeted Traffic

Increasing traffic is just one part of doing SEO. Good-quality SEO is about identifying your target audience and optimizing your website to attract them. As a result, you get high-quality traffic.

Optimize Your Website

A poor website is an SEO killer. You don’t want people bouncing off your site because Google will take note. As part of our SEO package, we can help optimize your site for the best user experience.

Content That Converts

Great SEO involves a great content strategy. At Cardinal, we have a team of talented copywriters to help you execute a conversion-focused content strategy.

Measurable Marketing

SEO is trackable and measurable. With the right tools, we’ll know which strategies are working for your campaign or not. Of course, you’ll be kept in the loop through our regular reports.

Customize SEO Campaign

We won’t insult you with generic, cookie-cutter strategies. We’ll audit your website, your current campaign, and SEO rank. We’ll use information gathered to craft a campaign that best fits your needs.

Cardinal Digital Marketing Agency

Meet the Flock

Say Hi To All Of Our Cardinals!

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4 Reasons to Partner With an SEO Company

Although it’s possible to go with the DIY approach for SEO, it’s very complex and time-consuming.
That’s why many business owners choose to partner with an SEO agency instead.

They Can Provide Deliverables

A good SEO company can show you what they’re doing. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get a first-page appearance, but they can give you evidence of things that they’ve done. Some examples include:
• A complete audit of your website, content, link profile, and more
• New content or changes to your existing content
• Websites with dofollow backlinks to your website
• Weekly or monthly reports that show what they’ve done and the performance of your campaigns
There’s no magic solution to SEO but a good agency can get things done that will benefit your business in the long run.

They Can Suggest Improvements

The best benefit of working with an SEO agency is you get access to a team of experts. If the agency can suggest improvements to your campaign, this indicates that they want to work in a partnership. When you consider their recommendations, you’ll likely see the results that you’re hoping for.
A reputable Orlando SEO company may recommend the following:
• Start social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.
• Launch a content marketing campaign
• Add a blog
• Add alt tags to images
• Improve site loading speed
• Add SEO plugins like Yoast
• Disavow bad links
• Optimize site copy
Sure, many of these recommendations may cost you more money but at the end of the day, these extra services will help you.

Helps Understand Your Audience

For SEO to be effective, you need to target the right audience. Otherwise, you’ll just end up generating more traffic with little to no conversions or sales.
When you work with an SEO company with many years of experience, they likely have worked with businesses from many different industries. Unless you belong in a very niche industry, they should have no problem finding your target audience.
The SEO firm can perform steps like:
• Keyword research to gather demographics data
• Identify who’s visiting your websites
• Analyze the competition
• Use social insights
• Identify questions that your ideal audience asks

Save Time and Money

The SEO agency will take care of everything from auditing your site, doing keyword research, and increasing your search engine results page (SERP) visibility. For this reason, you can save a great deal of time and money if you have an SEO consultant partner.
For starters, they have specialized knowledge and expertise to maximize the impact of your SEO. Best practices change rapidly and algorithm updates are constantly rolled out. As a business owner, can you honestly learn about SEO and stay on top of these trends while managing your business?
Also, you end up saving a lot of money because you don’t need to hire additional full-time staff.

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We are serious about closed loop attribution!

Cardinal’s Proprietary Marketing Technology Lead Stream’s Benefits:

Double Your Customers Volume for the Same Spend

Dump the campaigns that don’t generate returns. Our AI based marketing platform automatically optimizes towards the campaigns that are driving high value customers.

Modernize Marketing

Modernize Your Marketing

Unsure of which campaigns your best customers are coming from? Step into the future of marketing with closed loop attribution brought to you by Leadstream. With our software you will know which campaigns drive high value customers.

Leadstream Benefits
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Orlando, Florida is known as a family destination. Theme parks like Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Florida, Sea World Orlando, and Epcot are some of the reason families flock to your city. Orlando offers what families want when they go on vacation: quality and affordability.

Cardinal Digital Marketing wants to be that sort of destination for you. When you walk in the door, you’re the family and we’re the park. We’ll take the time to listen to you. We’ll provide everything you need to make your stay everything you hoped for. Your desires for growth will drive the marketing plan at a price that’s amenable to you, without sacrificing quality.

With Orlando, Florida being home to the seventh largest research park in the country, Central Florida Research Park, many industrial and hi-tech jobs are located in the city. Its close proximity to Patrick Air Force Base, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and the Kennedy Space Center, make it an easy commute for those who want to live in Orlando, making it a wealthy bedroom community just waiting to be connected with you.

If you’re ready to get to work with an SEO company that understands growth and gets to know you, shoot us an email. Let’s grow.

Orlando SEO Digital Marketing Agency
SEO Services

Orlando SEO Company: Frequently Asked Questions

Once I start SEO, how long will it take to get rankings?

SEO isn’t an overnight solution, far from it. It takes a lot of time to prepare and get your campaign going. Typically, the first few months of the campaign will be spent making site updates and waiting for search engines to crawl your site.
Also, how long before you see the results will depend on many factors like website size, current rank, the competition, and more. In general, expect to see meaningful results within three to twelve months of continuous SEO efforts.

Should I also do PPC?

Pay per click or PPC is a great strategy if you want quick results. It’s possible to generate traffic and clicks just within a few hours after launching your campaign. For this reason, PPC is a great additional strategy to supplement your SEO campaign.
Just to be clear, PPC doesn’t directly affect your SEO as they’re two sides of the same digital marketing coin. However, there are many indirect ways that PPC can affect your SEO. For example, the traffic driven by your paid ads may affect your site’s organic ranking.

Who will I be working with?

Cardinal Digital marketing has a team of SEO experts – all in-house. This means that you’ll be working directly with our team since we don’t outsource our projects. An SEO consultant will be assigned to your account and will become your main point of contact that you can communicate 24/7.

Do you guarantee SEO results?

We don’t give guarantees regarding rankings. If an agency claims that they can guarantee a first-page appearance, they’re likely lying or using black-hat tactics. However, you can trust that we’re using the best SEO techniques and methodologies.

Let Cardinal Take Your SEO to the Next Level

SEO must be done right or don’t do it at all. Talk to us and we’ll guide your SEO campaign and ignite the growth of your business.

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